Color Inspiration

Looking for inspo for an upcoming event? Use our color inspiration gallery to create a cohesive aesthetic for your bridesmaids or find bold and enchanting hues for the perfect wedding guest attire. Whether you are looking to be royal in blue, rich in burgundy, or glamourous in gold, Bia Boutique offers a wide selection of designer gowns for your next event. 

Blue Hues

Paris Blue

Paris Blue is captivating color that encapsulates the enchanting city of Paris. Like a reflection of the Seine River under a clear sky, this color exudes a sense of tranquility & elegance. Paris Blue is a shade that evokes sophistication with its subtle undertones of cobalt and hints of muted indigo.

Paris Blue Gowns

Pink Hues

Dusty Rose

Look beautiful in Dusty Rose, a soft and delicate shade that speaks timeless elegance. With its subtle blend of muted pink & faded blush, this color is the epitome of vintage romance & allure. Dusty Rose whispers a gentle tale of love and beauty, capturing hearts with its understated beauty. Being a popular hue that gracefully adorns wedding bouquets, Dusty Rose makes for the perfect bridesmaid gown.

Dusty Rose Gowns

Yellow Hues


Capture the essence of golden sunshine, joyful warmth and happiness with the color Marigold. A lively shade, Marigold is a mix of yellow and orange to create a feel of a sun kissed garden in full bloom. It's cheerful presence brightens up any room, radiating positivity and happiness. Add a pop of color to your gorgeous gown for an unforgettable night.

Marigold Yellow Gowns

Green Hues


One of our most popular colors of 2023, Emerald is a rich, piercing hue that compliments a multitude of skin types. Its luxurious jewel tone exudes a vibrant and mesmerizing allure. Inspired by the precious gemstone it shares its name with, emerald green is a color of opulence, richness, and elegance. This color is reminiscent of lush forests ands hidden treasures to intertwine majesty and beauty.

Emerald Gowns

Blue Hues

French Navy

Looking for a deep, sophisticated shade that screams elegance? French Navy is that and more with its subtle undertones of indigo and hints of charcoal gray that carry depth and quiet sophistication. Traditionally used to represent France, French Navy has been seen on French monarchy on Kings and Queens for centuries. Look and feel like Royalty with a French Navy gown.

French Navy Gowns

Orange Hues


Sienna, a warm and earthy hue that exudes the rich essence of burnt orange and deep brown. Inspired by the natural beauty of the Italian city its named after, Sienna brings forth a sense of warm, strength, and grounding while resonating with the rugged landscapes of the Tuscan countryside. Sienna adds a touch of organic beauty, effortlessly connecting us to the raw splendor of nature's palette.

Sienna Gowns

Purple Hues


The color Lavender, like its namesake flower, emanates a delicate and soothing beauty. Lavender is a soft and gentle shade of purple, with a subtle blend of lilac and gray undertones. Evoking images of fragrant fields in bloom and the calming scent of lavender gardens, this color symbolizes elegance, playfulness, and mindfulness. Add a touch of whimsy and femininity to your style with a Lavender gown.

Lavender Gowns

Red Hues


Burgundy, a deep and regal shade, emanates a sense of opulence and refinement. Inspired by the rich wines produced in the region of the same name, this color exudes an air of sophistication and elegance. Burgundy combines the deep tones of dark red with a touch of purple, creating a luxurious hue that commands attention. It evokes images of velvet drapes, noble estates, and the timeless allure of vintage wine. Make a bold statement while maintaining a sense of timeless charm.

Burgundy Gowns

Green Hues


Scenic Olive is a versatile and earthy hue that draws its inspiration from the timeless beauty of olive trees and their luscious fruit. This color incorporates a sense of calmness and a connection to nature, evoking images of peaceful landscapes and the tranquility of a Mediterranean countryside. Olive is a rich blend of green and brown, resonating with a sense of harmony and balance. Bring a touch of organic beauty that symbolizes growth, wisdom and peace to any event with the color Olive.

Olive Gowns

Blue Hues

Smoky Blue

This hue of Blue invites you into a world of serene beauty. Smoky Blue seamlessly blends the softness of pale blue with a hint of subtle gray and dark blue to create an ethereal and enchanting shade. Like wisps of fog hovering over a lake at dawn, Smoky Blue is the definition of tranquility and calmness, inviting you to embrace the moment & indulge in the soothing allure of its delicate charm.

Smoky Blue Gowns

Pink Hues


Mauve, a versatile hue with its unique blend of soft purple, pink and grey undertones adds a touch of delicate beauty & grace to any event. Mauve carries a whisper of mystery, evoking a sense of calmness and elegance that charms like no other. Its muted and subdued nature adds a touch of sophistication and innocence to any room. Embody the delicate beauty of blooming flowers in spring with the enchanting color that is Mauve.

Mauve Gowns

Dark Hues

Signature Black

Everyone needs a staple black dress in their wardrobe, whether its for formal events or a night out. This color holds a timeless allure that transcends any trend, embodying the absence of color and symbolizing the depths of the unknown. Black evokes a sense of power, elegance, and refinement. It is a hue that effortlessly exudes confidence and authority while making you look beautiful. With such a versatile color, it can be easily paired with any color while leaving you looking sophisticated and modern.

Black Gowns

Green Hues


A serene and soothing hue, Sage draws its inspiration from the delicate gray-green leaves of the herb it shares its name with. This color brings forward a feeling of natural harmony, reminiscent of a lush garden, lily pad, or a misty forest. Sage is a muted shade that gives a sense of freshness, renewal, growth and healing. Being a versatile color, Sage can be effortlessly blended with other shades to add a touch of organic beauty to any palette.

Sage Gowns

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