Trend Report 2024

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, 2024 promises to bring a captivating array of designs, cuts, and colors to the forefront of gown trends. Expect to see timeless silhouettes, jewel tones, metallic and sequins, providing a glamourous gown for any taste. From delicate lace designs to ferocious feathers, the intricate work done to each gown will have you standing out of the crowd and feeling ethereal.

Trend Report 2024

Bejeweled Neckline

Designers are adorning collars and necklines with a dazzling array of crystals, gemstones, and intricate beadwork, transforming everyday staples into works of art. From ethereal evening gowns to tailored blazers and even casual tees, the bejeweled neckline adds a touch of opulence and glamour to every ensemble. It's a trend that speaks to the desire for a touch of sparkle and luxury.

Bejeweled Neckline gowns

Trend Report 2024

Noir Luxe

Black is making a powerful comeback in fashion, being the it-girl of shades when in doubt. Designers are innovating with this classic color, creating versatile pieces that range from sharp, tailored suits to flowing, dramatic dresses. This renewed fascination with black, observed on runways, reaffirms the shades unparalleled ability to offer both simplicity and drama, making it a quintessential elements for fashion merchandising.

Black gowns

Trend Report 2024

Seeing Red

Red carpet ready 2024 will always be a trend for the IT girls. Major fashion runways like Paris, Milan, and New York prominently featured the red trend, showcasing its versatility and wide appeal. Designers embraced shades ranging from deep burgundies to bright scarlets, integrating them into everything from statement gowns to subtle accents. This trend is for those people looking to capture the bold spirit of these influential runway shows. Find your fiery spirit or romantic ensemble in our collection of stunning red gowns.

Red gowns

Trend Report 2024

Sugar Rush

Trending for the Spring and Summer seasons, bright colors are in and making a statement this Prom season. It's the eye popping, sugar sweet take on bright colors that main character girlies are searching for. With an array of colors from bright magentas, shining blues to stunningly neon oranges, there's something to make every skin tone POP like no other. Look delectable in a sugary sweet embellished gown that will turn you into a celebrity for the night.

Sugar Rush gowns

trend report 2024

Barbie Forever

Pink emerges as a standout phenomenon from the unforgettable Barbiecore movement. Designers are painting the runway in every conceivable shade of pink. This trend is a celebration of femininity and playfulness, showcasing an array of hues from the softest pale blush to the most vibrant magenhta. Leading fashion brands, including Valentino, have launched pink-centric collections, and celebrities like Meghan Fox, Anne Hathaway, Margot Robbie and Kim Kardashian are embracing this trend with pretty-in-pink ensembles.

Barbie Pink Gowns

Trend report 2024


Devil horn necklines & dominatrix corsetry - the epitome of a glamonatrix. The 2024 scene of eveningwear is becoming spicy & sexy. This audacious style reimagines the essence of a sexy provacateur, blending bold sensuality with high fashion. At its core are striking design elements like pointed devil-horn necklines and corsetry, all wrapped in a palette of vixen colors that command attention. This trend exudes a fierce, unapologetic sensuality and confidence.

Glamonatrix gowns

Trend report 2024

Purple Pop

Mesmerizing nova purple in 2024, the fashion world will be captivated by the stunning purple. From the runways of fashion shows to the interior design of homes, purple will be the trend that dominates all other trends. Whether it's vibrant nova purple, an alluring English violet, a delicate lavender, or a deep and mysterious plum, these hues can bring a romantic and mysterious vibe to eveningwear. This mystical and alluring ultraviolet as seen in the collections of Versace and Tom Ford in 2023 is continuing in 2024 with a wider range of purpoles.

Purple Gowns

Trend Report 2024

Fringe Affair

A fresh take on the roaring 20's, fringe is a remarkable fashion trend that defies time. It seamlessly blends elements from bygone eras with contemporary style, the enchanting bead and crystal-spangled fringe of the 20's, as well as the dramatic floor-sweeping fringe of the 70's. Fringe continues to influence today's fashion landscape, spanning from Haute couture runways to everyday street fashion. This enduring trend is experiencing a revival with fresh interpretations such as modern twists on the iconic beaded flapper and Gatsby dresses of the 1920s.

Fringe Dresses

Trend Report 2024

Birds of a Feather

The 'feather' trend is soaring to new heights in the fashion world. Designers are incorporating feathers into their collections in imaginative and opulent ways, resulting in garments and accessories that exude glamour. Feather trimmed dresses and feathered capes take center stage, bringing a touch of whimsy and texture to the runway. Feathers in bold, vibrant colors and exotic textures add a sense of extravagance to eveningwear, while subtle feather accents lend a touch of sophistication

Feather dresses

trend report 2024

Feeling Blue

Calming shades of blue from desaturated pastel blue to dusty hues will be the color of 2024 Spring. Across the globe, this color has been a constant presence on the runways, from Jason Wu, Proenza Schouler, and Laquan Smith in New York to Emilia Wickstead and J.W. Anderson in London to Fendi and Alberta Ferretti in Milan. We expect to see this color crush everywhere, and at any event. The trend's emphasis on light blue embodies a tranquil yet chic aesthetic.

Calming Blue gowns

Trend Report 2024

Era of Metallics

The runway trend is showcasing a shift towards a futuristic yet elegant palette: silver & gold. The trend extends beyond the fabric itself, encouraging experimentation with metallic embellishments, sequins, and accessories to compete the look. While is speaks to a modern aesthetic, metallics retain a timeless, classic and royal look. Silver & gold have been go-to choices for celebrities on the red carpet, and we expect to see a surge of demand for these shades in 2024.

Metallic Gowns

Trend report 2024

Ruffle Romance

One of the most prominent trends coming to 2024 is the ruffle trend, multiple tiers of cascading ruffles, evoking a sense of playful femininity and charm. From voluminous ruffled dresses that make a dramatic entrance to delicately tiered blouses that capture the essence of soft elegance, the ruffle trend offers a versatile range of options for embracing its romantic aesthetic. Whether rendered in soft pastels for a dreamy look or bold, vibrant hues for a statement making ensemble, ruffles are the epitome of romance.

Ruffle Gowns

Trend Report 2024

Verdant Greens

The "greenery" trend is blossoming in the eveningwear and wedding scenes, with a fresh spectrum of greens from sage to olive taking center stage. Esteemed designers like Erdem and Brandon Maxwell have showcased these nature-inspired hues, highlighting their versatility and flattering appeal on a wide range of skin tones, this trend invites serene green shades, participating in the green trend for weddings and events.

Green gowns

trend report 2024

Dramatic Twists

Looking for gowns that are both romantic, comfortable, and flattering on the body is trending in 2024 with styles for everyone. Whether you are looking for a sweetheart neckline, flowly ensembles, or meticulous draping, these dresses offer it all in glamorous satin fabrics to feel soft and expensive. The draping offers a beautiful design to a simple dress, creating an illusion of high fashion at low price points.

Dramatic Twist gowns

trend report 2024

Shades of Sienna

Pinterest has reported on the rise in the searches for Terracotta, Copper, Sienna, Burnt Orange, and Rust from its search report, making Sienna a must have color for wedding events and bridal parties. Its beautiful shade ranges flatter every skin color, having a romantic and mesmerizing effect to any event. Feel the love and romance in this color palette for Summer and Fall of 2024, flattering your body and creating an aura that matches no other.

Sienna Gowns

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